About Fairey Water Safety

Water is the single most important ingredient in the food service industry

Premium water that is free from Chlorine, dirt and other contaminants is needed to dispense quality beverages and ice. Poor quality water can also affect equipment performance, increase the need for expensive maintenance and shorten equipment life.

The next time you have a coffee at Caribou or DUO Cafe, a coke from Classic Burger Joint or Hot Dog & Beyond, an Ice cream from GINO, a Slurpee at  Grand Cinemas or a drink at Garcia‚Äôs, rest assured that the water that goes into those products has been filtered by genuine Fairey Water Safety filters. TAWRID stocks and services a large variety filters and fittings among which are for food service applications.

Fairey Water Safety can provide water treatment solutions for:
  • Coffee/espresso and vending applications
  • Ice applications
  • Steam and dishwashing applications
  • Dishwashing filters including anti-scale, and corrosion systems
  • Post Mix & FCB applications
  • Whole restaurant applications
  • Specialty applications including high volume reverse osmosis and water softeners
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