We offer installation services for various water filtration systems for all types of operations where water purification is critical.

  • Our commercial sectors centralize around commercial buildings, luxurious villas, hospitals and laboratories, schools and universities, hotels, etc...
  • If your demand is to maintain a consistent sanitation level, we will work with your facility’s director or engineering professionals to ensure you an industrial water purification system that will exceed your expectations.

Operations Requiring Large Capacity Water Purification Systems

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Luxurious Villas
  • Manufacturing Premises
  • Food Processing Premises
  • Laboratories
  • Schools
  • Hotels

Service and Maintenance

Tawrid – Fairey Water Safety’s high quality commercial water purification systems require consistent maintenance to ensure a reliable water quality at all times.
We are ready to receive your emergency calls 24/7 in order to ensure that you receive the quality of service necessary to support your operation with minimal downtime or delays.

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